The Boy Band Project


The Boy Band Project consists of Zac Mann, Levi Mitchell, Mathias Anderle, Nick Dean and Brandon Pulido. Their own bio on Youtube says that, “We are a five boys who’s passion’s are to sing and share it with the world.” The boys are from California and their fan mail address is PO Box 2543 Toluca Lake, Ca. 1610-2543.

They have made three covers so far, Justin Bieber’s ‘Be Alright’; Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’; and most recently, an acoustic cover of ‘This Is Love’.

The boys have a fanbase the is only from the U.S. so far but they have had several shows around California and they have been to several places to do shows for charity. For example, Levi Mitchell came to Houston to do a small show for a cancer charity about two weeks ago.

They have an overall Pheed account, as well as individual Twitters with a group one, the same is said about Facebook and Instagram.

Follow us on twitter!! @boybandproject #bbp
However, like most boy bands, there is a ‘Bromance’ situation going on between Levi and Zac. #Zevi (
Since they do have a YouTube channel, they have posted a variety of random videos for everyone to see.
Since they are a recently started band, they do not have much up, but we will be kept up to date about them.

3 thoughts on “The Boy Band Project

    • Levi Mitchell turned 15 on February 12th.
      Mathias Anderle turned 20 on July 3rd.
      Brandon Pulido turned 18 also on July 3rd.
      Nick Dean turned 17 on July 12th.
      Zac Mann turned 16 on July 14th.

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